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Friday, February 15, 2013

Uhuru Lifetime Free Hosting Competition

Uhuru Software has announced a competition for websites. Winning 5 websites will get a Lifetime Free Premium Hosting from Uhuru. Winners will be decided by community voting.

According to Uhuru:
Further information regarding the contest, and where to vote, will be announced on the Uhuru e-mail community discussion list. 


- The nominated web sites with the most votes from the community will win lifetime free premium hosting on the Uhuru service.
- The owners of winning web sites will be invited to be guests on the Uhuru podcast show.
- Nominated web sites must be hosted on the Uhuru service.
- There is no restriction on the type of web site eligible for the contest. Just some examples are:
  • A mobile Android app that just uses the Uhuru service as a back-end database.
  • A customer resource management web site for managing sales engagements for your own products.
  • An application for managing students and grades at a college.
  • A blog about cuddly dogs.
- Nominations for web sites engaged in illegal or immoral activities will be rejected and cannot participate in the contest. Read the Uhuru service terms of use for details about which activities violate our hosting policies.
- The voting tool will require that voting participants register to vote. Only one vote per registered account is allowed.
- You are allowed to nominate any web site running on the Uhuru service whether it is your own or someone else's.
- You can nominate as many of your own web sites as you choose.
- Nominations which leave incomplete information on the registration form will be rejected.
- Lifetime hosting is defined as the period of time that Uhuru continues to offer a hosting service for web applications. As long as Uhuru is operating a hosting service a site with lifetime hosting will continue to get free service.
- Premium hosting is defined as 1GB RAM, 512MB shared file storage and 512MB shared database storage.
- If a web site which exceeds the free resources offered in the lifetime premium hosting offer should win the web the contest the free hosting prize will be extended to whichever site the owner of the winning web site chooses. In other words, there is no obligation for the winning site itself to be the site which recieves the lifetime free hosting. The free hosting prize can be transfered to whichever web site the winner chooses.
- The URL submitted for the nominated web site does not have to be in the format. It can be a private domain that has been redirected to
- Uhuru reserves the right to extend the voting period.
- A web site must receive at least 10 unique votes to win the contest.

Important dates to remember.

Voting starts: Monday, February 20th, 2013.
Last date to submit nominations: March 23rd.
Competition ends at 12:00pm Pacific Time on March 29th, 2013.

Good luck.

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